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Paul Crawford is an artist who brings glass to life in exquisite custom etched and sandblasted glass art designs. His attention to detail and specialized techniques combined with the intrinsic beauty of glass create elegance attainable in no other medium. The versatility of etched glass or sand carved glass provides a wide range of creative interior design applications. You can dramatically enhance your business or home décor by transforming front door entrances, stair railings, and indoor partitions into functional pieces of beautiful custom sandblasted glass art work.. Decorative glass can be used throughout your home to add a personal touch to your interior design in an etched glass window, a funky custom mirror or a playful custom shower door.

Paul has created sandblasted glass art for large scale residential and commercial installations as well as small corporate awards and personal gifts such as the unique glass plaques awarded at the 1988 Calgary Olympic Torch Parade. Although Paul’s specialty is sandblasted glass design, he collaborates with other glass artists to combine sandblasted, stained, fused and slumped glass features.

Whether your tastes prefer the simple or elaborate, decorative glass is a beautiful and versatile medium that can transform or conform to your existing home décor. Glass is an ideal decorating choice that can be put to a variety of practical uses from subtle etched glass accents to stunning carved glass focal points. 

Personalize your home décor with a custom etched glass tabletop or elegant interior partition. A sandblasted glass motif is a work of art, and some hand carved glass pieces are veritable masterpieces. You can reflect your style with an etched glass mural, front door entry way, shower door, window, or mirror, each skillfully designed to ensure that the glass elements in your home are both compatible and unique.

A simple banister or stair railing can become an important decorative element in your interior design, while adding necessary security to a stairway or landing. The impeccable construction of our installations makes the choice of glass as viable as choosing wood or metal. Each piece of sandblasted art glass is designed according to your specific structural requirements while keeping your artistic tastes in mind. 






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Paul Crawford Glass Artist at Work








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